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November 11, 2023

Focus Ultrasound Therapy (FUA)


Ultrasound Focus Therapy

Focused Ultrasound Therapy (focused ultrasound) is a new non-invasive therapy for uterine myoma without surgery. This therapy uses focused ultrasound beams to produce localized heat to treat tumors (myomas uterus), causing tumor cells to die and then be absorbed or become scar tissue, resulting in symptoms may decrease or disappear. However, this treatment does not guarantee complete remission or disappearance of all clinical symptoms associated with uterine myoma such as menorrhagia, dysmenorrhoea, anemia, bloating in the lower abdomen lower back, pain and frequent urination.

Why Focus Ultrasound Ablation Therapy?

  • A computerized, non-invasive procedure that requires no surgical incision (no bleeding) and no radiation
  • Treats the entire tumor without volume limitations or tumor form
  • The boundary between treated and untreated tissue very small, can be only 6-10 cells wide
  • There is almost no damage to healthy tissue in surroundings

Right Dosage

  • Real-time imaging enables feedback visuals during the treatment process
  • Operators can adjust the dose at any time according to individual needs

Precise Control

  • With an accumulative error of 1mm, the motion system is 6 Accurate dimensions can target the tumor adjacent to large blood vessels and nerves with safe

What this means for you:

  • Accurate incisionless procedure so no bloody Maintaining uterine function, this is very important important for those who want to have children Short treatment time Short recovery period

During Therapy

  • Sedatives and analgesics will be administered during Focused Ultrasound Ablation Therapy, which may cause drug-related reactions and blurred vision or anesthesia-related risks.
  • The focus of Ablation Ultrasound after passing through the skin will concentrate on the target lesion in the body. During the procedure, a small number of patients may experience thermal injury to the skin in the target area. Mitigation measures include skin relaxation more frequent use of cold water, frequent maintenance breaks, etc.
  • Since the uterine cavity is connected to the vagina, excretion may come out through the vagina after uterine myoma removed with Ultrasound Focus Therapy.
  • For patients with multiple uterine myomas, the priority is to treat the uterine myoma bigger.
  • Focused Therapy Ultrasound Ablation may be stopped during the procedure due to special causes (e.g., the patient cannot tolerate pain, or the desired ultrasound acoustic path cannot be confirmed, etc.).

Possible Post-Procedure Reactions

  • Pain in the treatment area, lower abdomen, area coccyx and limbs; temporary weakness on limbs
  • Redness of the skin in the treatment area
  • Dizziness due to medication, low blood glucose levels, etc. Get enough rest and eat nutritious food.
  • The first (and even second) menstruation after treatment may increase or lengthen.
  • It usually takes 3 months for symptoms to improve significantly.
  • Patients with submucous myoma/fibroid types may have fluid secretions about one week after treatment. Keep your genitals clean.

After Therapy

  • Lie on your stomach for at least 45 minutes after treatment
  • Liquid food 2 hours after treatment is permitted and normal diet can be resumed 24 hours after treatment if there is no abdominal pain, bloating, local pain, fever, or loss of appetite
  • Keep your genitals clean after treatment
  • Do not have sex after treatment; can be done after one menstrual cycle
  • Temporary contraception is recommended for several months
  • The IUD must be inserted after 3 normal menstrual cycles. Avoid uterine-related medical procedures during this period.
  • After the procedure it is recommended to be examined with ultrasound or MRI.

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