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Focused Ultrasound Ablation

High Intensity Focused Ultrasound Therapy is a revolutionary non-invasive therapy for uterine fibroids without surgery. This gives myoma patients an alternative therapy to surgery so they can preserve their uterus for future pregnancy. This therapy uses focused ultrasound to generate highly localized heat to treat tumors (uterine fibroids), causing the tumor cells to die and then be absorbed or become fibrosis, after which symptoms can be relieved or disappeared. However, this treatment may not necessarily ensure complete remission or disappearance of all uterine fibroid/adenomyosis related clinical symptoms such as menorrhagia, dysmenorrhea, anemia, bloated feeling of lower abdomen, pain and frequent urination.

Why is Focused Ultrasound Therapy Better?

Precise Boundary

  • Computerized, non-invasive (bloodless) procedure which does not require a surgical incision and no radiation
  • Treat the whole tumor with no upper limit on the volume or tumor shape
  • The margin between treated and untreated tissue can be as narrow as 6-10 cells wide
  • Nearly no damage to surrounding healthy tissues

Precise Dosage

  • Real time imaging allows visual feedback during treatment process
  • Operator can adjust the dose anytime to suit the individual needs

Precise Control

  • With 1mm accumulative error, the accurate movement of 6-dimensional motion system can ablate tumors adjacent to major vessels and nerves safely

What this means for you:

  • Accurate bloodless procedure which requires no surgical incision
  • Preserves uterine function, this is crucial for those trying to have a child
  • Short treatment time
  • Short recovery period
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