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When you have a kidney condition, hemodialysis can become a big part of your life. At Abdi Waluyo Hospital, we aim to deliver comfortable and convenient dialysis services tailored to our patients’ needs and lifestyles. We offer two types of dialysis at Abdi Waluyo Hospital: hemodialysis and hemodiafiltration.

In our private dialysis clinic, we have two hemodialysis stations, using the latest technologies – we use a special dialyzer with 32x higher clearance rate than that of regular dialyzers. Each dialysis station is equipped with a bed for your comfort, as well as TV and Wi-Fi to entertain you during your visit.

For your peace of mind, our hemodialysis center is supported by a 24-hour on-call consultant, with intensive care available for acute emergencies.

Everyone is welcome to book a hemodialysis session at our center, including self-pay patients, insured patients, and overseas visitors.

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