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Capsule Endoscopy

A Capsule Endoscopy is a safe, non-invasive test to investigate medical problems in the small intestine, the area which cannot be reached by endoscopy or colonoscopy. For this test, you swallow a capsule (about the size of a large vitamin tablet) with water, just like you would take a pill. The capsule has a transmitter, light and at least one tiny camera. Some capsules have more than one camera. As the capsule moves through your digestive tract, the camera takes about 10,000 pictures. Your healthcare provider looks at the pictures and checks for bleeding, tumors and other abnormalities inside of your small intestine.


The capsule leaves your body with your feces, usually in less than 24 hours, although it may also take a few days. You may see the capsule in the toilet, although some people don’t realize they have passed it. You can flush the capsule when you go to the bathroom. After that, please go to the hospital so the nurse can remove the recording device from your skin or collect the belt you wore around your waist. Your doctor will view the recording on the computer and look for abnormalities in your intestine.

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