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September 25, 2021

Abdi Waluyo Hospital Announcement : GE 3T MRI Signa Premier AIR

Editor RS Abdi Waluyo

We would like to inform you that our MRI 3T Discovery MR 750 machine will be replaced with GE 3T MRI Signa Premier AIR. This is a 3T MRI machine with the highest specification to perform routine to advance imaging with the highest possible accuracy. This upgrade is part of our continuous commitment to offer the best and most technologically-advanced patient care to ensure quality as well as comfort of our patients. Some of the features of our new 3T MRI Signa Premier AIR include:

  1. Deep Learning Algorithm (FDA-approved), which allows faster multidimensional scan with improved spatial resolution
  2. 60% faster scanning time compared to common MRI
  3. 70 cm tunnel diameter, further improving patient comfort and experience
  4. High resolution, meaning sharper images of all organs for physicians to diagnose with clinical confidence
  5. Advanced technology, allowing for up to 8x faster scan time without the necessity for patient repositioning
  6. A flexible, light, and comfortable AIR coil (like a blanket), that fit all kinds of body shape
  7. Reduced acoustic noise for improved patient comfort.

In accordance with the installation of the new 3T MRI Signa Premier AIR, any imaging services involving 3T MRI machine will not be available from September 26th until November 20th 2021. Meanwhile, 1.5T MRI will still operate for 24 hours. For further information and MRI scheduling, please contact 021-3146621 or 0813 8488 8158.

Thank you for your continuous support. We will always be committed to deliver the best quality of care for you.

Director of Abdi Waluyo Hospital

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