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Robotic Prostate Biopsy

The robotic prostate biopsy is the least invasive method of sampling prostate tissue and has higher accuracy in prostate cancer detection through targeted tissue sampling. This procedure is performed by a urologist in the hospital’s operating theatre and is normally carried out under either general anesthesia (you will be asleep and will not feel any discomfort) or local anesthesia (the biopsy area will be numbed). It is usually done in one day, so you may go home as soon as the anesthesia effects wear off.

The robotic technology allows your specialist to obtain targeted tissue samples from any part of the prostate gland with high precision. This method of biopsy utilizes an innovative technology whereby only two skin puncture points are used regardless of the number of tissue samples taken (usually 20-35 samples), further minimizing the risk of infection. If your previous MRI scan is done and it indicates a suspicious region in the prostate, your specialist can target and collect samples at this region.

The robotic targeted approach provides more details on the locations of cancer, providing greater certainty about whether you have prostate cancer or not. This will help your physician decide whether to continue monitoring or to go for treatment.

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