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We have a dedicated team of pharmacists and an in-hospital pharmacy to support you throughout your treatment.

 Our pharmacists provide a range of pharmacy services including private outpatient prescriptions, dispensing medicines to inpatients and over-the-counter medicines. They can also offer information and advice about any medications you have been prescribed.

Inpatient pharmacy services

Our pharmacists provide information and advice about medication to both our consultants and patients staying in the hospital. They visit the hospital wards daily to talk through the medication needs for each patient.

When it is time to go home, our pharmacists will prepare you a discharge pack if you need to continue to take medication when you get home. This will explain everything you need to know about taking your medication, including details to ensure you do not mix incompatible medications to avoid drug interactions.

Outpatient pharmacy services

Before dispensing medicines, our pharmacists will talk through your prescription with you. They may ask about your clinical condition, lifestyle, and personal circumstances. They will explain everything you need to know about taking your medications.

 Medicine Order & Delivery

Caring for an ailing family member can be eased by our drug and prescription delivery services. Your medications can be delivered to your doorstep.

Get your medications in 3 easy steps:

  1. Fill out the form below correctly
  2. Attach the picture of the prescription – make sure the photo is clear, not blurred
  3. Our team will contact you to assist you with the payment and arrange for the delivery

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