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Medical Check-Up

Standard Medical Check Up

  1. Physical Examination by Internal Medicine Specialist
  2. Examination by ENT specialist + Audiometry
  3. Examination by an Ophthalmologist (visual, refraction, tonometry, color blind tests)
  4. Examination by Dentist
  5. Abdominal Ultrasound
  6. Chest X-Ray
  7. ECG
  8. Laboratory Tests
    1. Hematology Test: Routine blood tests (Hb, WBC, Differential count, Thrombocytes, Hematocrit, ESR, RBC)
    2. Blood Chemistry Tests:
      • Liver Function
          • AST / SGOT
          • ALT / SGPT
      • Lipid Profile Analysis
          • Total Cholesterol
          • LDL Cholesterol
          • HDL Cholesterol
          • Triglycerides
          • Total Lipid
      • Kidney Function
          • Ureum
          • Creatinine
          • Uric acid
      • Blood Sugar Analysis
          • Fasting blood sugar
          • HbA1C
      • Immunology
          • Anti HBs
          • Anti HAV
    3. Complete Urine Test
  9. Body Mass Composition
  10. Breakfast or Lunch
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