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Hybrid Cathlab

RS Abdi Waluyo is excited to introduce our new Hybrid Catheterization Laboratory (Cathlab) that allows doctors to treat many heart disorders without needing open heart surgery, with far less risk of complications. Built using the most advanced technology available, our Hybrid Cathlab is designed to provide the safest environment for our patients to have various procedures:

  • Cardiointervention
  • Neurointervention
  • Radiointervention

This Hybrid Cathlab was built as part of a hybrid surgery facility, where surgical intervention can be performed if needed to complement minimally invasive intervention using catheters. This arrangement allows us to combine other necessary procedures such as bronchoscopy and other surgical interventions in the middle of a cardiac catheterization procedure. This can reduce repeated anesthetic exposure for our patients as various procedures can be performed in one go. Hybrid Cathlab also offers a range of benefits, such as: performing several available treatment modalities at the same time, reducing the number of surgeries and improving the speed of recovery.

At RS Abdi Waluyo, we know that ensuring better outcomes for cardiothoracic procedures requires skilled specialists, superior safety norms, and the use of sophisticated equipment. That is how we provide precision medicine and personalized compassionate care to our patients.

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