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dr. Yanto Sandy Tjang, SpBTKV, Subsp. VE(K), PhD, FACC, FACS, FEBVS, FETCS, FICS

Surgery : Vascular Surgery


dr. Yanto Tjang is a thoracic, cardiac, and vascular surgery consultant at Abdi Waluyo Hospital. Being a high achiever with more than 30 years of experience, he is an expert who always puts the patients’ best interest in mind as he constantly keeps himself updated on any new advancements/techniques made in his field of interest. Dr. Yanto Tjang’s strong academic background is reflected in more than 40 published studies in highly-reputed international journals, being a speaker in many national and international conferences, as well as in various awards he received such as the EACTS Award, the Eminent Scientist of the Year 2011 Award from International Research Promotion Council (Netherlands Heart Foundation), Franz Köhler Chemie GmbH, and Zhu-Xiaodong Cardiovascular Surgery Award. dr. Yanto Tjang can speak Bahasa Indonesia, German, and English fluently.

Fellowship & Accreditation

Medical Doctor
Faculty of Medicine Gadjah Mada University
Thoracic, Cardiac, and Vascular Surgery, Heart Center North Rhine Westphalia, Ruhr Bochum University, Germany
Sub specialization
Thoracic, Cardiac, and Vascular Surgery, Heart Center North Rhine Westphalia, Ruhr Bochum University, Germany
  • Percutaneous and Nonfluoroscopic Intervention of Cardiovascular Disease, Fuwai Hospital, Beijing, China
  • Fellow of Cardiothoracic Surgery, European Board of Cardiothoracic Surgeons
  • Fellow in Vascular/Endovascular Surgery, European Board of Vascular Surgery
  • Fellow of the American College of Surgeons, United States of America
  • Fellow of the American College of Cardiology, United States of America
  • Fellow of International College of Surgeons
  • Other fellowships in various countries in Europe

Areas of Focus

Aortic aneurysm; Cardiac pacemaker implantation; Cardiac transplantation; Congenital heart disease; Coronary artery disease; Endovascular surgery; Major and peripheral vascular disease; Lung transplantation; Open thoracic surgery; Pediatric heart disease; Valvular heart disease; Varices; Vascular access surgery (for hemodialysis or chemotherapy)

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