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January 27, 2022

HIFEM (High-Intensity Focused Electro-Magnetic) Therapy

Editor RS Abdi Waluyo

Written by:  dr. Alexandra Francesca Chandra, MRes 

HIFEM is a painless, non-invasive therapy that uses electromagnetic fields to stimulate the pelvic floor muscles in both women and men. HIFEM therapy aims to increase the strength of the pelvic floor muscles so that it can improve medical conditions related to the pelvic floor muscles, such as urinary incontinence to erectile dysfunction.

Medical Conditions HIFEM Can Treat

  • Urinary incontinence
    HIFEM can increase pelvic floor muscle strength to treat urinary incontinence
  • Post prostatectomy
    After prostatectomy surgery in patients with prostate cancer, urinary incontinence is common. HIFEM therapy can be used to help with this.
  • Erectile Dysfunction
    Erectile dysfunction, ejaculation, and orgasm are closely related to pelvic floor dysfunction. HIFEM can increase pelvic floor muscle activity to improve pelvic floor muscle contraction non-invasively.

How HIFEM Works

HIFEM therapy uses a special device that emits an electromagnetic field specifically targeted to the pelvic floor muscles while the patient is sitting, thereby stimulating thousands of pelvic floor muscle contractions during a single therapy session. This can strengthen pelvic floor muscle contractions more effectively and efficiently, compared to conventional pelvic muscle strengthening exercises, such as Kegel exercises alone.

Can I Get HIFEM Therapy?

 HIFEM is a safe and effective therapy for both men and women in increasing pelvic floor muscle strength. However, to determine whether HIFEM therapy is the right choice for your current medical condition, you need to consult a doctor, especially a urologist, first. Your doctor will evaluate your condition to assess whether this therapy is the right way to treat your medical condition.

HIFEM Therapy Procedure

HIFEM therapy at Abdi Waluyo Hospital is done by sitting on a special HIFEM chair. While sitting, the electromagnetic waves from the chair will stimulate your pelvic floor muscles so you can feel the pelvic floor muscles contract during the procedure. This procedure is non-invasive and painless. After therapy, you can immediately carry out your normal activities as usual.

HIFEM Therapy Duration

One HIFEM therapy session lasts about 28 minutes. Most people need about 6 sessions, on a doctor’s schedule.

How Long Does It Take To See Results?

 Although this effect varies from person to person, generally the effects of HIFEM therapy can generally be felt after the first session. This impact is increasingly felt in the following weeks after the therapy session continues.

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