Inpatient Guide - Abdi Waluyo Hospital

Inpatient Guide

New Patients

  1. Please proceed to Reception Desk
  2. Present government issued identification card (KTP / SIM)
  3. Fill out the form with personal information, such as your current address, telephone number, and the next of kin
  4. Previous medical records, test results, referral letters, or copies of follow-up instructions regarding medical treatments from other hospitals must be brought for examination by our doctor
  5. The attending physician will give an order for admission or confinement.
  6. The patient and/or a family member confirms the confinement at the reception desk
  7. The receptionist will process the Admission Procedure and confirms the type of room to the patient and/or family member.
  8. The patient will be roomed-in
  9. The nurse-in-charge will put the bracelet to the patient’s wrist, showing the patient’s full name, date of birth, and the name of the attending physician.
  10. Management of treatment and medications will be closely monitored by the medical team in charge.

General Information

  • For safety reasons, the Patient Bracelet must be worn at all times while being admitted at Abdi Waluyo as long as you are treated
  • For patients with insurance coverage, please inform the Admission Officer of your insurance and submit the card for confirmation processing.
  • All payments of hospital bills including Doctor’s Consultation or Professional fees, as well as laboratory and radiology procedures must be processed only at the cashier.

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